genealogy of the Chamberlain and Eidenbenz families
Käti and Graham with Family Crests

Family: Percival Clarence Wilce / Agnes Minnie Buck (F2144)


Family Chart 

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John Reuben Wilce
Male (1868-1912)
Emma Trigg
Female (1865-1915)
John William Wilce
Male (1892-1973)
Thomas Frank Wilce
Male (1895-1973)
Emily Elizabeth Wilce
Female (1896-1984)
Ernest Wilce
Male (1901-1961)
Irene Gladys Wilce
Female (1903-1993)
Cyril Grantley Wilce
Male (1905-1997)
Agnes Minnie Buck
Female (1896-1981)Relationship